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Indonesian shipyards


番号 設立年 社名 活動 住所 分類
1 1981 PT. BANDAR VICTORY SHIPYARD 鋼船の造船及び修繕、沖合い施設の修繕、船舶解体 Jl. Sekupang Raya Km2.Sekupang PMDN
2 1985 PT. SUPRACO indonesia 石油钻井, Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
3 1987 PT. BATAMAS JALA NUSANTARA 船舶建造、鉄骨組み立て、鉄骨処理、建設請負、メンテナンス、重機器の賃貸 Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Tanjung Uncang

4 1988 PT. BATAMS INDAH SIMPAL SHIPYARD 船舶のドッキング及び修繕 Sekupang PMDN
5 1990 PT. KACABA MARGA MARINA 船舶の修繕及び船舶、タグボート、バージの建造 Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
6 1990 PT. PALMA PROGRESS SHIPYARD 船舶の修繕、建造、解体、FRPボート Jl. Palma Kav 1, Sagulung PMDN
7 1991 PT. NUTRANS MARITIM SERVICE 船舶の修繕 Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
8 1991 PT. SENTOSA MULTI SHIPYARD バージの建造、船舶のドッキング及び修繕 Tanjung Uncang PMA
9 1992 PT. JAYA ASIATIC SHIPYARD バージの建造、船舶のドッキング及び修繕 Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Km6, Tanjung Uncang PMA
10 1993 PT. KUNANGAN MARINDO LAKSANA 船舶の修繕、バージ及びタグボートの建造、機械工場 Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Km6, Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
11 1993 PT. NANINDAH MUTIARA SHIPYARD 船舶の修繕、建造、改造 Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Tanjung Uncang PMA
12 1994 PT. PAN ISLAND SHIPYARD バージの建造、船舶の修繕 Tanjung Uncang PMA
13 1994 PT. PIONEER OFFSHORE ENTERPRISES SHIPYARD 沖合い施設の建設、船舶の修繕、バージの建造 Tanjung Uncang PMA
14 1995 PT. SHOPIDAK SHIPYARD 海運請負、沖合い鉄骨組み立て、配管 Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
15 1995 PT. PANDAN BAHARI SHIPYARD バージの建造、船舶のドッキング及び修繕 Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Tanjung Uncang PMA
16 1996 PT. ASL SHIPYARD INDONESIA バージの建造、船舶のドッキング及び修繕 Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Tanjung Uncang PMA
17 1996 PT. WANAMAS PUSPITA バージの建造、船舶の修繕 Tanjung Uncang PMA
18 1996 PT. PAN JAYA バージの建造、鉄骨の建設、船舶の修繕 Tanjung Uncang PMA
19 1996 PT. TERAOKA BATAM バージの建造、船舶のドッキング及び修繕 Tanjung Uncang PMA
20 1996 PT. SHINTAI INDUSTRI SHIPYARD データなし Tanjung Uncang PMDN
21 1996 PT. SHIPINDO RAYA 船舶のドッキング及び修繕 Tanjung Uncang PMDN
22 1997 PT. JAN SANJAYA PUSAKA 船舶の修繕、鉄骨の建設 Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
23 1997 PT. SEKIP HILIR SHIPYARD アルミニウム製旅客船、タグボート、ボントゥーン、船舶のドッキングおよび修繕 Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
24 1997 PT. BATAM TANJUNG UNCANG SHIPYARD 船舶の修繕、バージの建造、海運請負、沖合い鉄骨建設 Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
25 1997 PT. TRIKARYA ALAM 造船業 Tanjung Uncang PMA
26 1997 PT. PAN UNITED SHIPYARD INDONESIA 船舶の建造及び修繕 Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Tanjung Uncang PMA
27 1997 PT. DEV INTERNATIONAL SHIPBUILDER 船舶の建造及び修繕、舶用エンジン及び重機器の修繕及びメンテナンス Tanjung Uncang PMA
28 1997 PT. KARLY ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCT10N INDONESIA 鋼構造物の建設及び船舶の建造 Tanjung Uncang PMA
29 1997 PT. KUNANGAN ASIPAC MARINE 船舶の建造及び修繕 Tanjung Uncang PMA
30 1997 PT. PAN BATAM ISLAND SHIPYARD バージの建造及び船舶の修繕 Tanjung Uncang PMA
31 1998 PT. BANDAR SAMAK SAGULUNG 船舶の建造及び修繕 Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
32 1998 PT. FASECO BATAMARIN 船舶の建造、修繕、設計 Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
33 1998 PT. TAKWINDO BATAM 船舶の修繕、バージ及び海洋機器の製造 Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
34 1998 PT. SHL MARINA BATAM 船舶及びバージの修繕、エンジニアリング請負 Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
35 1998 PT. GLORY UTAMA INDONESIA SHIPYARD バージの建造、船舶の建造及び修繕 Tanjung Uncang PMA
36 1999 PT. CESINDO NUSANTARA 船舶の建造請負 Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
37 1999 PT. DUNIA MARINDO バージの修繕 Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
38 1999 PT. ENSURE ENGINEERING バージの建造、鋼構造物の建設 Tanjung Uncang Non PMA/PMDN
39 1999 PT. ESPRIT ENGINEERING バージの建造及び船舶の修繕 Tanjung Uncang PMA
40 PT. BRITOIL OFFSHORE INDONESIA 船舶及びバージのドッキング及び修繕 Jl. Teuku Umar PMA
41 PT. LUO SHIPYARD バージの建造及び船舶の修繕 Tanjung Uncang PMA
42 PT. RIAU PAN JAYA バージの建造及び船舶の修繕 Tanjung Uncang PMA
43 PT. SABANG RAYA INDAH 船舶の建造及び修繕 Tanjung Uncang PMDN

Monday, January 18, 2010

Airbag Launching System Frees Ship From No-Fixture Ramp

Evergreen Shipping Supplies Co. Ltd. (Qingdao, China) recently announced that it successfully launched a new-build 20,000-deadweight-tonnage ship from a no-fixture ramp with its airbag launching system in Jiangsu province, China.

The 150-meter-long by 21.6-meter-wide cargo ship was built on a 200-meter-long concrete ramp without a fixture or anchor block. The angle of the concrete ramp was 0.86 of a degree. The inland river on which it sat was 350 meters wide with water depths of seven to 11 meters, and the distance between the ship stern and the end of the ramp was 15 meters. Because there was no anchor block on the ramp, no winch was available, Evergreen representatives said. The main challenges of the project were starting the ship launch and keeping the ship from slipping when moving it off the wooden blocks, they continued.

In a low tide period, the river was dredged and sandbags were placed to fill pits in the riverbed, Evergreen representatives explained. Thirty-four marine airbags 1.5 meters in diameter and 18 meters long were placed between wooden blocks according to a computer-simulated calculation, they continued. The airbags were inflated in such a way as to limit the ship’s slipping to a maximum of 0.57 of a degree when raised, Evergreen said.

Airbags were inflated from the stern to midship, one after the other, until the center of gravity was exceeded, Evergreen said, and further inflation from bow to midship lifted the entire ship. According to Evergreen, after all supporting wooden blocks were removed, airbags at the bow were deflated to adjust the ship’s gradient angle to 0.45 of a degree, which would make the ship safer from any unexpected slipping.

As the tide rose, airbags were inflated and deflated to keep the ship’s gradient angle at 0.57 of a degree, Evergreen said. An excavator grab, with its shovel wrapped in tires, was used to push the bow, the company said. After two pushes, the ship started to move slowly by riding the rolling airbags, and the movement was self-accelerated until the stern floated because of the ship’s increasing gradient angle, the company continued. It took 62 seconds from the start of the ship’s movement to total float, while the preparation took more than 12 hours, according to Evergreen.

The company said the main instruments of its airbag launching system are marine airbags, air compressors and regular winches. The sausage-shaped marine airbags are made up of rubber layers with rubber-dipped synthetic-tire-cords as reinforcement material. They have one to two-meter diameters and are six to 20 meters long. One marine airbag 1.5 meters in diameter and 18 meters long can hold more than 200 tons, Evergreen representatives said. For more information, visit