Sunday, April 25, 2010

Marine salvage & refloatation with Evergreen airbags

Evergreen marine airbags are the powerful and convenient tool for many marine salvage works.
To send a stranded ships back to water marine airbag is the most convenient tool. People can insert airbags to the buttom of vessel and then inflate them. With the pull of a tugboat or push of a bulldozer, ship can easily move into water with the roll of airbags.
A typical case from one of our customers:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kian Juan Dockyard

Kian Juan Dockyard in Miri, Sarawak, East Malaysia occupies 100 meters of river frontage on a 15-acre site in the Kuala Barm Industrial Estate. There is space for the fabrication of several vessels up to 80 meters and 2000 TDW at one time. In late March they had several vessels under construction including a pair of 29x9-meter tugs being built to a design by United Ship Design of Sibu. The full-bodied tugs have a double-chine design and a 4.26-meter molded depth.
Propulsions power is provided by a pair of Cummins KTA38 M2 engines producing 1200 hp each at 1800 RPM and turning nozzle-equipped 2x1.69-meter propellers through Twin Disc MG5301 gears with 5.947:1 ratios. Estimated bollard pull is 30 tons with a designed 11-knot light running speed. The 2400 hp boats are fitted with single drum towing winches with 600 meters of 48 m/m wire. Electrical power is provided by two Cummins 6BT-powered 80 Kw generator sets for each vessel.

Landing craft have evolved a long way from the ubiquitous boats that brought US Marines ashore on South Pacific islands in the closing days of World War II. These handy boats have grown dramatically in size and power over the years but they maintain the shallow draft and forward ramp that allows them to load or off-load in shallow ports with little or no pier infrastructure. Marine airbags

The shipyards of Miri and Sibu in East Malaysia have developed the landing craft to a sophisticated cargo carrier for both liquids and deck cargos. A recent example, designed by United Ship Design of Sibu, is the SK Line 11 from the Kian Juan Dockyard Sdn. Bhd of Miri, Sarawak. In spite of a length over all of 45.5 meters (149.28 feet) and a 10.9-meter (35.76 feet) the vessel has a draft of only 2.4-meters (7.87 feet). These dimension give the landing craft at huge open deck forward. Under the deck a number of tanks provide for fuel oil in 42-tonne operating tanks and 256-tonne long range or cargo tanks. Additional tankage provides for 98 tonnes of ship’s water and 364 tonnes of cargo water. Marine airbag

The boat is powered by a pair of 640 hp Cummins KTA19-M3 engines turning into Reintjes WAF364L gears with 4.481:1 gears to give the boat an eleven-knot design speed. Additional engines include a pair of Cummins 6BTA-powered 80 kW generator sets and a bow thruster engine. A three-level deckhouse set well aft includes two accommodation decks with bunks for up to 20 crewmembers. On the navigation bridge deck a davit is fitted to launch a rescue craft mounted there. Marine airbag

The SK Line 11 is one of several being built at Kian Juan Dockyard for a Malaysian customer and it will be registered in Kuching Malayasia. Recently a similar vessel was delivered from another Miri yard for a UK customer who will use it in the Falkland Islands. It seems likely that other owners around the world will find these vessels an attractive option for areas with limited dockage and infrastructure.
Marine airbag

Muji Rahayu Shipyard

Yard owner Mr. H. Darmansyah and naval architect Surjo Adji have been building and delivering successful landing craft and tugs. Now they are preparing to build a range of supply vessels for the oil industry. With build slots in shipyards around the world booked into the future it can be a challenge for owners to find a secure slot in a yard’s schedule and even more so to find such a slot in a yard with a well-proven track record. A number of owners are coming to the small city of Samarinda to take advantage of the skills that have developed there over the years.
Work is now beginning on the construction of two models of supply vessels. The first is a 36.6 by 10-meter vessel to be powered by a pair of Cummins KTA38-M2 engines each generating 1200 HP. Turning through Twin Disc gears, the engines will swing 48-inch Kaplan-type props in kort nozzles. While primarily a supply vessel the boat will be fitted with a single drum winch and is expected to have a 70-ton bollard pull and a free running speed of 12 knots. This vessel is being built to Bureau Veritas class for a Malaysian owner based at Terengganu Darul Iman on the northeast coast of Peninsular Malaysia.
The second design is for a larger 45 by10.8-meter boat to be powered by a pair of Cummins QSK60 engines each delivering 2000 hp. These engines will turn 52-inch propellers in nozzles for an estimated bollard pull in excess of 80 tons. This vessel will also be fitted with a bow thruster. The owner will install his own deck winch. Marine airbag
Mr. H. Darmansyah
Muji Rahayu Shipyard
JL Kemangi Blok KKK No.07
Samarinda 75126
Kalimantan Timur

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Marine airbag launching slipway

What’s Marine airbag launching slipway

Generally slipway designed for airbag launching can be described as two parts: above water part and under water part. The vessel will be built on the above water part which has the small incline angle. And the under water part has bigger angle which can give launched vessel more slide forward force and make airbags can roll out of buttom of vessel. The distance,angle and structure of under water part are very important for the success of launching and also the safty of airbags.
If possible concrete slipway is the best. For temporary vessel launching, strong enough ground is acceptable.
The design of slipway need scientific calculation and computer simulation test. And good design slipway can suit most vessel’s’ launching.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Evergreen marine airbag launched Hull 156 in Vietnam

The vedio of Hull 156 launched with Evergreen marine airbags can be found here

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Evergreen Airbags successfully launched a 6800 tonnes DSV in Vietnam

On April 6 Strategic Marine (V) successfully launched a 6800 tonnes DSV with 44 pieces ship launching airbags in Vung Tau City Vietnam. The DSV named “Caballo Maya” has the 143 meters overall length and 22 meters moulded breadth.
Evergreen Maritime is a professional manufacturer of marine airbags and also global contractor of airbag launching projects. Evergreen offered Strategic Marine (v) the total pack for his DSV launching which include marine airbags and on site consultant service.
Strategic Marine is an International Shipbuilding company that specialises in both aluminum and steel construction. The Australian born shipbuilder currently operates shipyards in Australia, Singapore, Vietnam and Mexico.
The “Caballo Maya” was built on a 1.37 degree slipway which consists of cement columns and rubbles. The extended slipway to the sea was covered by well welded steel plates and all the joints were abraded to be smooth.
The procedure of “Caballo Maya” launching can be described as follows: first step lift up the ship with airbags and remove all wooden blocks; second step move the ship forward 35 meters; third step cut steel ropes to release the ship when the tide water reach enough high.
Two 50 tonnes winches were employed to pull the ship from unexpected sliding before we began to inflate airbags to lift up vessel from blocks. It took six hours to lift up whole ship and remove all blocks. When we tried to move ship forward in the evening of April 5 some places of slipway sinked that caused us big trouble. Ten Evergreen airbags under the bow were inflated to be 0.17 Mpa and twelve airbags under stern were deflated to be 0.10 Mpa thus gave the ship more slide force to move. At the midnight of April 5 the ship was positioned at the right place after 5 hours hard working.
In the next day morning 800 tonnes ballast water were added to the ship’s cabins to gain the stability of launching. At 4 PM of April 6 when the water depth reached 4.5 meters, John Wray, the site manager of Strategic Marine sent out the “go” command. Two steel ropes were chopped up at the same time then the big vessel began to move with the rolling Evergreen airbags and entered into the sea smoothly. It is a real magic show that all people are affected to cheer and scream.
To complete this launching project it is a trial for Evergreen marine airbags and ship launching technology. Evergreen focuses on the products’ quality and technology development so Evergreen knows how.
Evergreen will continue to do his contribution to world maritime industry.