Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Ocean bravis " Launch with Evergreen Marine Airbags

Eversafe engineering team successfully launched a DWT 8,800 tons cargo vessel named "Ocean bravis "with 30 pcs Evergreen marine airbags on the July 13, 2010. It is the third vessels successfully launched by Eversafe team in July.
"Ocean bravis " is constructed for ARROZ group with 108m LOA,26m molded width. It is initially proposed to be launched on traditional slipway by end-on launching method. For some untold reason the shipyard decided to launch this vessel with marine airbags.
Evergreen maritime company is pioneer in maritime industry for providing innovative ship launch solution and top quality marine equipments which include marine airbags and pneumatic fenders etc.
Evergreen was honored to be invited to do the consulting work for “Ocean bravis” launch slipway alteration and launch contractor. According to the calculation and practical limitation of investment Evergreen provided customer a cost-effective solution of the slipway alteration which was agreed by the local authoritative department in a week.
For this launch project, the launch weight is only 3000 tons but the angle of slipway is much bigger than ideal condition so more calculations were performed to ensure the safety of launch.
Two SWL 25 tons winches and 30 pieces Evergreen marine airbags are employed to carry out this launch. Marine airbags are inflated from the bow to stern to lift up vessel from wooden blocks first. With the pull protection of winches marine airbags then be inflated or deflated again to adjust their working heights. After marine airbags are ready, people release the winches to let vessel go down slowly into water. When the stern is immersed at 1.5 meter depth, ropes that pulling the vessel are chopped to release ship go freely. Then vessel enters into water smoothly.
Marine airbag ship launching is developed into a flexible and easy technology with accumulated research and practical experience. It can overcome the limitations of traditional launch methods and it always can be found reliable and controllable.